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Government Akhandanand Ayurved College taken a step for the benefit of students. Institute became a part of the Student Startup & Innovation Policy (SSIP 02), a flagship program of Government of Gujarat. This will help in creating integrated innovation ecosystem to support innovations and ideas of young students of the college. College will provide conductive environment to facilitate innovative ideas of students to go through a stage of proof of concept, prototype, product, testing & trial, redesign and development of utility. SSIP 2 will culminate the idea of entrepreneurship by channelizing the innovative idea of ayurved students to the enter into the market and making their mindset job seeker to job giver. As a SSIP 02 grantee institute Government Akhandanand Ayurved College received its first instalment on 10/08/2023

Every year, first week of August is celebrated as “World Breast feeding Week” with different themes. The theme for 2023 was “Enabling breastfeeding; making a difference for working parents.” On the occasion of Stanyasudha-23 world breastfeeding week, 2023, the event was organized by department of Kaumarabhritya in association with department of Prasuti Tantra and Stree Roga department of Government Akhandanand Ayurved college and Hospital.  A 7 days program was held in which various activities were organized to spread the awareness about breastfeeding and challenges related to the working parents. Different competitions for the students and Healthy breastfeeding baby competition were held in campus and field.

Day-1: On the 1st day, inauguration of Dhatri Kaksh was done by a Dhatri- a breastfeeding mother. After deep Pagatya – The programme was started with Dhanvantari Vandana. The Dhatri mothers were welcome with flowers  and their children were given a small token of love as a gift to make them feel special and enebled.

On this occasion, Prof. Mayank Maniar, Hod, Kaumarbhritya department gave information about the available facilities and the purpose of this new endeavor. Prof. Nipa Jarasania, Hod, Prrasuti Tantra and Stree Roga Department gave information about the need and importance of Dhatri Kaksh.  Dr. Neha Patel gave the outline of the whole week. Dr. Tejas Chawda- RMO GAAC & H and Dr. Shobha Dave- Administrative officer, GAAC & H also gave some information regarding breastfeeding week and also congratulated both the departments. An exhibition of galactogouge diet and Ayurvedic drugs was held for the visitors.

Day-2 & 3: On 2nd and 3rd day of the week, a series of lecture was held and Prof. Harshit Shah, Deputy Director, Ayush Deparment, Gujarat was chief guest on this event. Lecture on different topics related to the theme of this year were organized. Prof. Nipa Jarasania took a lecture on Care of breast during pregnancy and lactation, Dr. Swapnil CR threw light on Breastfeeding rights and ethics. Dr. Sunil Rapolu acknowledged the students about Physiological aspects of Stanya. Prof. Mayank Maniar took a lecture on Breastfeeding: Back to basics and Dr. Neha Patel took lecture on breastfeeding common problems and solutions. At the end, all speakers were given certificate of appreciation.  All the students of third and fourth year were benefitted through the session.

Day -4: On 4th August, a health check-up and IEC camp was held at a nearby Anganvadi. Prof. Nipa Jarasania gave information regarding breastfeeding preparation; Dr. Poonam Kalawadiya gave detailed information about diet and regimen for pregnant and lactating mothers, Stanya parikshan demonstration was done for the lactating mothers and Dr. Neha Patel gave explanation about Stanya Parikshan in simple language. Healthy breastfed baby competition was held among breastfed babies under 1 year and the winner baby and mother were appreciated. Health check up of Anganvadi children was done by third year students.

Day-5: On 5th August, Best baby and mother photo competition was held and the winner photo was selected among all entries.

Day – 7: On 7th day of the event, different competitions were held for the students like debate competition, quiz competition, rangoli competition, craft competition and short film competition. The students actively participated in it. A panel of judges was formed to judge the competition. In the afternoon, valedictory session was held and Dr. Chetna Jani, director Ayush department, Gujarat was the chief guest. Dr. Ranjitsinh Vank, Municipal councilor, Viratnagar and Dr. Chandaniben Patel, municipal councilor, Lambha ward were present at the event. Both were alumni of this institute. The guests visited the Dhatri kaksh and also interacted with the participants of different competitions. The session started with Dhanvantari Vandana and third year student Twisha Patel gave a brief about the activities held on world breastfeeding week since past 5 years. Dr. Neha Patel, lecturer, Kaumarbhritya department gave information about the activities held during the whole week. The screening of the winner entry of short film competition was held after that. Prof. Maniar discussed the importance of the activities and also the need for Ayurvedic intervention in treating malnutrition. Dr. Chandaniben Patel and Dr. Ranjitsinh Vank appreciated the efforts made by the institute towards the benefit of the society. Prof. Hemangi Shukla, I/C principal congratulated both the organizing departments and concluded the session. In the end, all the winners of the competitions were felicitated with certificate and prizes.

તા:- ૦૯/૦૮/૨૦૨૩ બુધવાર ના સરકારી અખંડાનંદ આયુર્વેદ કોલેજ ના અગદતંત્ર અને વિધીવૈદ્યયક વિભાગ દ્વારા વિદ્યાર્થીઓ માટે “સુંદરવન “ –અમદાવાદ ખાતે Snake park visit તથા snake awareness programme નું આયોજન કરવામાં આવેલ. જેમાં વિદ્યાર્થીઓની સાથે વૈદ્ય સંતોષી માને ગયા હતા અને ત્યા Snakes, Morphological characteristics, Venomous and non-venomous snakes, Precautions to avoid snakebite, treatment વગેરે બાબતોનું માર્ગદર્શન આપવામાં આવેલ.

તારીખ ૦૭/૦૮/૨૩, સોમવારના રોજ સરકારી અખંડાનંદ આયુર્વેદ કોલેજ અને હોસ્પિટલ દ્વારા સ્તનપાન સપ્તાહ અંતર્ગત ચાલી રહેલા કાર્યક્રમનો સમાપન સમારોહ યોજાઈ ગયો. આ નિમિત્તે વિદ્યાર્થીઓ માટે વિવિધ સ્પર્ધાઓ જેવી કે, ક્વિઝ, ડીબેટ, રંગોળી, ક્રાફટ, શોર્ટ ફિલ્મ જેવી સ્પર્ધાઓનું આયોજન કરવામાં આવેલ હતું. બપોર પછી સમાપન સમારોહ મુખ્ય મહેમાન નિયામકશ્રી આયુષ, ડો. ચેતના જાનીના આશીર્વચન સાથે શરૂ કરવામાં આવેલ. આ સમારોહમાં મ્યુનિસિપલ કો્પોરેશનના સભ્યશ્રી ડો. રણજીતસિંહ વાંક, વિરાટનગર તેમજ ડૉ. ચાંદનીબેન પટેલ, લાંભા વોર્ડ ઉપસ્થિત રહ્યા હતા. તેઓશ્રી એ સંસ્થા ખાતે બનેલ ધાત્રી કક્ષની મુલાકાત લીધી હતી, તેમજ વિવિધ સ્પર્ધાઓમાં વિદ્યાર્થીઓ દ્વારા રજૂ કરવામાં આવેલ કૃતિઓને પણ નિહાળી હતી. તૃતિય વર્ષની વિદ્યાર્થિની ત્વીષા દ્વારા બાળરોગ વિભાગ તેમજ પ્રસૂતિ તંત્ર અને સ્ત્રી રોગ વિભાગ દ્વારા છેલ્લા ૫ વર્ષ દરમ્યાન સ્તનપાન સપ્તાહ નિમિત્તે યોજવામાં આવેલ વિવિધ પ્રવૃત્તિઓનો અહેવાલ રજૂ કરવામાં આવેલ હતો તેમજ ડૉ. નેહા પટેલ દ્વારા આ વર્ષે સમગ્ર સપ્તાહ દરમ્યાન યોજાયેલી પ્રવૃત્તિઓનો ચિતાર આપવામાં આવેલ હતો. બાળરોગ વિભાગાઘ્યક્ષશ્રી મયંક મણિયાર દ્વારા વિભાગ દ્વારા કરવ