Smart Packing Tips before embarking on an English Learning Journey

Last Updated on August 1, 2019 by admin

“Your journey is only as good as your packing of trip essentials”
– Gokul Menon

If you ask any traveler for travel advice, they will always tell you about the things you need to carry on your journey along with other things. For instance, a torch on a trekking trip is not just an add-on, but travel essential! Learning English is also a journey and a smart traveler will always pack smart before embarking on this journey to avoid inconvenience.

Things to do before you start learning English:

  1. Mistakes are your friends and not an enemy:
    Albert Einstein said that “A person who never made a mistake has never tried anything new”. Every person who makes an attempt at something new will always make a few mistakes. So, while you make a decision to learn English you also make peace with mistakes. Because when you have the courage to accept your mistakes, you also develop a habit of learning from it.
  2. Read, Read….. and Read:
    Reading is a habit you need to cultivate before you start learning English. Because one of the most important aspects of English learning is about how much you surround yourself around the language. So, if you are not comfortable about reading a couple of hours in a day, how will you be comfortable reading in a language that you struggle!
  3. Persistence is the stepping stone towards perfection:
    There is this very famous saying that the river does not cut the stone because of its power, but it cuts it because of its persistence. As said earlier, English learning is a journey and it is literally about taking one step at a time. There is no shortcut to perfection; it demands your time and determination.
  4. Embrace the cultural difference:
    Just like every place has its own way of doing things, so does every language. Every language has its own nuances and you need to embrace them. The tips and tricks that will help you learn one language will not work with others. So, it is essential to empty your cup before you start to fill it with the English language.
  5. Stay away from the myths:
    “Look before you leap”, it is essential to gather information about the journey you are about to embark on, but it is also essential to keep a safe distance from the naysayers. These are the people who will feed your brain with myths clouding your judgment with negativity. Especially when it comes to English learning, there are many myths in the market like “Memorizing Grammar Rules”, “Elderly people cannot learn English”, “English vocabulary is a merit” and other such myths that a person must avoid.
  6. Be a Trainee and not a Student:
    Just like any journey, when we talk about learning English, there will only be a travel guide and not a teacher. One can only show you the right path to reach your destination; it is you who have to walk down the road and reach your destination, So, one must embark on this English learning journey as a trainee who needs just the direction and not as a student who requires spoon feeding.

Thus before you decide to embark on this journey of learning English, make sure you have packed all these essential things that will help you reach your destination with the least possible difficulties and inconvenience. Lastly, we all know that sharing is caring, do share this with all those people who are embarking on the English learning journey. Also, tell us in the comment section about the myths that you have heard about the English language and the kind of lies the naysayers tried to feed you with.